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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top of the world - part 1

Sitara started hiking up the steep slope. She was determined to reach to the top and was not afraid of the increasing elevation. She looked on her right and saw the beautifully spread valley on one side. It was a bright summer morning and the lush green forest splashed amidst several other hills. She could see a flowing stream afar with water glistening in the bright sunlight.  She could hear a waterfall splurging somewhere. The sound of splashing water was calming and the warm breeze gently caressed her face. The path was narrow and she better be careful. She was already half way up the mountain slope, one wrong step and she would land up back to the base of the mountain - right where she started. Not just that the fall could also badly  injure her or could turn out to be fatal. She thought to herself- Isn't life also the same? One wrong step, one wrong turn and you could end up in a very uncomfortable situation, worn out, back where it all started.. Something similar had already happened to her. She could still clearly remember that day very distinctly. 

Sitara Rey - Chief Creative Director of a multinational firm in Mumbai. Her life was perfect-  a dream job, she was one of the most youngest very successful women in the city, a beach facing house and an enviable social life. She was the money making machine for her company. A young executive any company would be lucky to have. One small decision led to a complete downfall of her career, emotions and her life.. 

Sitara immediately gathered herself. The past should not let impact her present. She was here in this moment, hiking these beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains in California. She was determined and no mental setback was going to deter her from this physical milestone she had set for herself. She had trained for months now, she was in great shape, thanks to her love for running. Anytime she wanted to get away from the world she would go running, which would immediately put things into perspective for her. It was her 'me' time. She would go running on the beach every morning before work. She had a tremendous stamina. After every run she would feel happy, focussed and inspired. Maybe I am an endorphin junkie she thought to herself and smiled. She thought once she reached the Summit it would prove that she can do anything she lays her eyes on. She can conquer the world and get past any difficulty which life throws. The beautiful Mount Whitney, the most-climbed peak in the Sierra Nevada, rose 14,494 feet elegantly in front of her. She wiped of the sweat from her forehead took a sip of water and started marching ahead. 

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