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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chasing your dreams..

Chasing your dreams..

There comes a time when each one of us wonders what is our purpose in life. Something we can create and contribute to the greater good. We all want to do be a part of something big which matters or even lay down those founding bricks to create it. Increasing number of us are unwilling to trade our skill sets , thoughts and ideas for a steady paycheck working as a commodity in a giant corporation. Just a 9 to 5 job does not suffice our intellectual and our souls deep down are compelled to search for our calling.  The big question is -How?? 

I am sure you must have some people in your life who have identified their passion and talent at a very early age. They exactly know what they are born to do. Thereafter which they relentlessly work towards making that dream true. If its in fact true I will honestly admit I am jealous! For some of us its hard to even articulate our dreams. Having a clear picture of what we want is a lot harder than it seems. All we know is what we are doing in life is not fulfilling enough and does not serve our purpose. But we have no idea of what is the right path which would take to our dreams and give us that ultimate satisfaction. Yes , we sometimes struggle to figure out what we need and picture that 'unlived perfect' life. 

I just want to say its 'OK' to NOT know what you want.  All of us respect and idealize clarity. Knowing our final destination helps us carve out those exact steps which will take us there. But its almost impossible to have clarity and that is totally acceptable.  

Even if you lack clarity try to recognize your inner drive and the will to do something. Now channel this power to start with something small. Even a small step can play a huge role in the grand scheme of events. Don't let your lack of clarity dampen your spirit to do something. Do you want to be a world class photographer but have never taken a picture or you want to be an entrepreneur but have never put your thoughts down on a business model. The key here is implementation

Once you have a sense of which area in life excites you the most start chasing it with your head down and a laser focus. Even if you don't have the clarity try to enjoy the process of getting to an ideal state where everything fits together and makes sense. Often when we dream of becoming somebody or doing something it brings a great joy of claiming that dream. What we underestimate is the number of hours which are required put in to finally achieve that dream. We discount the hard work and perseverance required to finally reach there. Once you start with something stick with it at least for sometime. Give it your best shot before you finally give up on it. 

Trust me its not easy! I have been guilty of taking up a project and abandoning it many a time just because it was too 'difficult' or 'time-consuming'. Don't get  in that trap when you claim a new goal something which seems all bright and shiny. The moment you get into its  execution part all the excitement wears off due to its complexity. Try to stick with it a little longer than that. Let the effort and work which you put into define your success and who you are rather than the end result. And of course if it doesn't work you have learned something from it, and you have an interesting story to tell.

Just make sure that you are flexible. The secret is start with something but be aware of the changes happening around you. Try your best to be flexible to quickly learn and switch if need be.

Everyday we evolve and try to assess our needs. Our needs in life change, progress and expand with age and changing environment. If you are someone like me its hard to keep up chasing these goals and dreams. At the end of the day be kind to yourself and respect the efforts you put in each and every day to achieve these dreams. Know that these goals will not automatically fall into your lap. You have to sweat and reflect a lot to reach that final milestone. You might face many hurdles in the way and you will trip and fall. But during this whole process you will find out who you are and what is it that you were born to do and achieve!!

Keep dreaming and chasing!! 


  1. A great thought and its well the main thread going along and

  2. Oh this is very motivating....I must 'Start' and build a path towards those dreams which I want to make true! Thanks