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Sunday, March 13, 2016

First sight..

She stands at the edge of the sea
looking into the horizon
waves come and waves go,
splashing and touching her feet,
Warm breeze swept her face.

The sun was setting and the twilight crept in
thats when he saw her,
Her white dress flowing with the breeze
Her angelic face glowing as the sun rays fell upon it.
Her dark auburn hair were a contrast to the glowing yellow sand.

A big wave made its way to the shore
effortlessly merged into the land
and withdrew submissively 
And thats when it happened.
Her eyes met his.

a silent glance and a spell done,
the charm was too great to be undone/unbound,
this was no mere attraction or an infatuation,

something had happened,
things outside were same as they were moments ago,
but on the inside the world had just become beautiful,
the wind became a soothing breeze, smelling like fresh flowers from the orchid,
suddenly the world around didn't seem worthy enough to get any attention..

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